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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Ten Questions: Laura

Within the ranks of IWG, we’ve got some really cool authors that we’d like you to meet. From time to time we like to select a different IWG member to answer the same 10 questions about writing. With our vast variety of IWG members, there is always another facet of writing to learn about and experiences to draw from.

The next interview in this series is Laurelei Dabrielle. Laurelei’s first book In Her Service: Reflections from a Priestess of Aphrodite was released last month. Laurelei is a pagan author whose primary genre is spiritual non-fiction books, but she also earns a living as a freelance writer. What follows is a magical and mystical interview from this inspiring new author.

Much Love,
Kate Chaplin
President of IWG

Question 1:
What is your favorite word?

Question 2:
What is your least favorite word?

Question 3:
What types of writing have you experimented with? (examples: poetry, novels, short stories, freelance, screenplays, plays, children’s picture books, etc)
I think I’ve experimented with all of the above. Spiritual/Pagan non-fiction is my primary genre at this point, but I am also working on a fantasy novel, an historical fiction novel, and a children’s book. I earn a living through freelance copywriting, and I have written both poetry and plays in the past. I’ve covered it all, I suppose.

Question 4:
Who is your favorite author?
JRR Tolkien

Question 5:
What do you love most about writing?
I love allowing the force of creation to flow through me. When I write, I feel like I am sharing higher ideals and ideas – concepts I don’t necessarily think I could have tapped into on my own. I love when my Muse is present.

Question 6:
What to you dislike most about writing?
Trying to keep myself focused is the thing I most dislike. I have too many projects and too many interests. I want to bounce from one to the other, but that means that I have stacks of unfinished books. I’ve been working on one project since 1997!

Question 7:
Describe your ideal writing spot.
My ideal writing spot doesn’t exist yet. I want a sunny room with white walls and lavender curtains. Think: shabby chic decorating sense. Somehow, I imagine it to be on the upper floor of a house. Since no such room exists (or could be created) in my shady, woodland, single story home, I usually settle for plunking away on my laptop on the living room couch.

Question 8:
How many hours a week do you spend on your writing? (Note: submissions and promotions count too)
Since I fund my spiritual writing habit with freelance commercial writing, I probably spend 40 hours per week engaged in writing and promotion of one variety or another.

Question 9:
What inspires your writing?
My experience inspires my writing. My spirituality is intimately linked to my daily life, and absolutely everything that I write (freelancing excepted) touches and is touched by my spiritual experience.

Question 10:
Writing wise, what is your biggest accomplishment?
To date, my biggest accomplishment in writing is the book I’ve nearly finished. In Her Service: Reflections from a Priestess of Aphrodite is my first published book, and I am very excited about it.

About Laurelei:
Laurelei Dabrielle is a Pagan author and Priestess. She leads a coven as a teacher and counselor, and she has contributed to some of the larger Pagan magazines and journals. She writes about Aphrodite, Brighid, Dragons, and living a magical life every day.

Links to Laurelei’s material:,

In Her Service: Reflections from a Priestess of Aphrodite

PanGaia, newWitch, Circle Magazine, In Her Service: Reflections from a Priestess of Aphrodite


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