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Monday, October 1, 2007

Ten Questions: Terri

Within the ranks of IWG, we’ve got some really cool authors that we’d like you to meet. From time to time we like to select a different IWG member to answer the same 10 questions about writing. With our vast variety of IWG members, there is always another facet of writing to learn about and experiences to draw from.

The next interview in this series is with Terri Grimes. Terri’s primary genre is in the world of cookbooks. Earlier this year Terri’s book Cooking With Friends was released to a hungry public. Along with cookbooks, Terri is an author of a children’s book and is currently working on a paranormal romance book. What follows is delightful interview with a woman who has a lot on her plate.

Much Love,
Kate Chaplin
President of IWG

Question 1:
What is your favorite word?

Question 2:
What is your least favorite word?
Mom (only if followed by a request)

Question 3:
What types of writing have you experimented with? (examples: poetry, novels, short stories, freelance, screenplays, plays, children’s picture books, etc)
I started my writing career with having a poem published when I was in 10th grade. After that I took a sabbatical. Many years later, upon coming out of hibernation I wrote a blog, posting every single day for 2 years. Then I knew I could procrastinate no longer. It was time to get serious about my hearts very fondest desire. It was time to write a book! In 2006 my cookbook, Cooking With Friends, was published as well as a children’s book, A Pony Named Penny, which I co-authored with my seven year old granddaughter. Right now I am working on a second cookbook, Cooking With Hoosiers, and a Paranormal Romance. And as with any writer, I have countless books bouncing around in my head, wanting to jump out onto paper. When someone invents the 48 hour day I’ll actually put all those stories to pen and paper.

Question 4:
Who is your favorite author?
That changes on a daily basis. I would have to say one of my very first favorite authors was and is the Sci-Fi great; Tanith Lee. And how could I forget the classics, which were my childhood friends such as Tom Sawyer, the Little House books, Treasure Island, David Copperfield, Little Women. There are just too many to name. I have to say, I think this is the hardest question for a writer to answer because what writer among us is not an avid book-lover?

Question 5:
What do you love most about writing?
Ah, another hard question. You’re one tough cookie, aren’t you? I’ll take the cowards way out and answer a question with a question. (Don’t you hate that?) How do you even begin to describe that chunk of your soul that is dying to be heard, which you lovingly extract and place ever so gently on paper. It’s like a bug bite that’s dying to be scratched. It feels soooo good when you are scratching it. When you stop it still itches though, and you can’t wait to sharpen your fingernails and scratch again. Yes, writing is like a bug bite. What was the question again?

Question 6:
What to you dislike most about writing?
Sitting in a chair to do it. I’ve often wondered if it might be better to take a walk and tell my story into a handheld tape recorder. But I would still have to sit in a chair to type it out eventually. The only thing that I dislike about writing is rules. There are certain rules a writer is expected to follow. Not that all writers follow the rules, mind you. But they are there nonetheless and any editor worth her salt will try and make a writer conform to the genre’s rules. Did you know that in a romance novel the heroine can’t sleep with other people? It’s true! She can only sleep with the person she ends up. It’s crazy…crazy I tell you!

Question 7:
Describe your ideal writing spot.
The Borders café. Preferably the table closest to the magazines (because it is the one located next to a power outlet for my laptop and I can see the people as they come in the door.)

Question 8:
How many hours a week do you spend on your writing? (Note: submissions and promotions count too)
Between 30 to 50 hours per week except when I am knee deep in a story. Those times I eat, breath and live the story 24/7. I could (and have) easily write 17 hours a day at those times.

Question 9:
What inspires your writing?
Life itself. I pull my inspiration from everyday things. My seven year old granddaughter and I could have a chat and suddenly a storyline comes from it. There is inspiration all around us if we open our hearts to listen.

Question 10:
Writing wise, what is your biggest accomplishment?
Cooking With Friends, my very first book. Although being in the October 2007 issue of Carmel Magazine was pretty awesome too.

About Terri Grimes:
Originally from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Terri as been a Hoosier since 1995. As mother of three and grandmother of one, Terri’s spent many years telling stories to young ones before finally putting pen to paper in 2005 and realizing her life’s dream of writing. Her first book, Cooking With Friends was published in 2006. From Beef Bourguignon to Hash Brown Casserole to Chocolate Cake, the recipes in Cooking with Friends are a roadmap to creating delicious dishes. Prepare mouthwatering meals perfect for a quiet family meal at home or a festive occasion. Anyone who enjoys the comfort of food and company of friends will savor Cooking With Friends.

Her current passion is passing her love and talent of cooking and writing to her granddaughter, Jasmine. The result of which is A Pony Named Penny, a whimsical children’s book the pair co-authored in 2006 as a Summer project during her granddaughters Summer break.

Terri’s next project is a follow-up cookbook, Cooking With Hoosiers. In addition to writing cookbooks Terri is also working on a paranormal romance novel scheduled for completion in 2008.

Terri’s Webpage(s):
Terri's Blog

Terri’s material can be read or purchased at:
Lulu (Cooking With Friends)
Lulu (A Pony Named Penny)
Barnes and Noble
Carmel Glass & Mirror
Borders Bookstores

Cooking With Friends - 2007
A Pony Named Penny – 2007
Cooking With Hoosiers – Due Nov-Dec 2007


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