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Founded in 2004 by Kate Chaplin, the Indy Writers’ Group is a supportive community of published and pre-published writers of all genres. IWG offers workshops, signings, and bi-monthly meetings for critique and support. IWG is a diverse group with strengths in various areas, such as self-publishing, e-publishing, small presses, freelance writing, technical writing, editing, etc. Within the network of in person events and online you’ll find a community of writers with various backgrounds and experiences that understand the pitfalls and success that plague writers today. Our group can be found Here on Yahoo Groups

Friday, January 2, 2009

Bring in the New Year with these IWG Authors!!

IWG is so proud to have many talented and award-winning authors in our membership. Each year we have more newly published authors to celebrate and more rising talents sharing amazing material with the group. But we are bias, we love our members. Check out for yourself the catalog of IWG Authors and you two might want to start your own IWG Writers' collection. 

Debra Kemp - The House of Pengradon Book 1: The Firebrand 

Despite the collar marking her as a slave of Dunn na Carraice, young Lin is fiercely determined to retain her pride and keep her family intact. That dignity bears a price, for Lin has drawn the wrath of Modred, the youngest prince of Orkney. His single-minded quest to break strong-willed Lin-by any means necessary-nearly succeeds. Although Lin is accustomed to the death, disease, rape and famine that runs rampant in the slave hovel she calls home, it is when her beloved
 brother Dafydd is placed on the auction block that her warrior spirit becomes apparent to all who challenge her, and the shocking secret of her lineage is finally revealed.

 ISBN-10: 1592798837            Amazon Listing 

Debra Kemp - The House of Pendragon Book 2: The Recruit

Sequel to the EPPIE-nominated The House Of Pendragon, Book I: The Firebrand......In the long-anticipated second novel of her original House of Pendragon series, Debra A. Kemp continues the extraordinary story of King Arthur's estranged daughter, Lin.
 Adjusting from her life as an orphaned and abused slave to that of Arthur, the Pendragon's daughter does not prove an easy task for young Lin. She struggles to adapt and find her place within the sumptuous palace walls of Camelot. Her mother, Queen Gwenhwyfar, expects Lin to conform to the life of royalty and the duties of a princess, including an arranged marriage. But having survived the cruelty of life as Modred's slave, Lin wants more than a tedious life of weaving and gossip within the world of women. Rejected by her cold, unloving mother, Lin seeks the role of training to become a soldier. Her fighting spirit meets resistance at every turn. Can Lin prevail as a recruit in the Pendragon's army? Or will her past return to haunt her?

ISBN-10: 1592796990 Amazon Listing

Jamie Carie – Snow Angel

When Noah Wesley heard the faint sound outside the door of his remote Alaskan mountain cabin during a violent nighttime blizzard, it was no less than the voice of God that urged him to take a closer look, soon to discover his snow angel.

 ISBN-10: 0805445331  Amazon Listing

 Jamie Carie – Duchess and the Dragon

Rising romance novelist Jamie Carie’s second book, The
 Duchess and the Dragon, tells the epic story of two unlikely soulmates who live worlds apart but soon meet and turn each other’s world upside down.

ISBN-10: 0805445358  Amazon Listing

Jamie Carie – Wind Dancer

Raised in a British-held frontier town during the American Revolution, Isabelle Renoir is not like other women around her. A free spirit, she dances in the moonlight as a praise offering to God and is more at home fearlessly taking her long rifle and knife into the woods for adventure and inspiration.

ISBN-10: 080544534X  Amazon Listing

Kate Chaplin – The Belief Test: Questions to ask yourself on the journey of life

The Belief Test is filled with 285 thought-provoking, fun and enlightening questions that reaffirm and lead to personal discoveries about what believe about yourself and the world around you.

ISBN-10: 1411692276 Amazon Listing

Fred Towers

“Betrothed Fairy’s Tail” in Fairy Tales Can Come True: The Very Best Erotic Fairy Tales, edited by Natasha Brooks, published by Emerging Edge Publishing, http://www.emerging edgepublishing. com/

“Pretty in the Hood” in Flesh to Flesh: An Erotic Anthology, edited by Lee Hayes, published by Strebor Books International http://store. zanestore. com/fleshtoflesh .html

“Dragon’s Lair” in Ultimate Gay Erotica 2008, edited by Jesse Grant, published by Alyson Books http://www.alysonbo 00399.html

“Rodeo Circuit” in Muscle Worshipers, edited by Eric Summers, published by Starbooks

 Press http://starbookspre php?ID=2762&SEARCH=SINGLE

“Moving Day” in Bearotica: Hot, Hairy, Heavy Fiction, edited by Ron Suresha, published by Alyson Books com/Bearotica- Hot-Hairy- Heavy-Fiction/ dp/1555835775/ ref=sr_1_ 1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1228727113&sr=1-1

Ellen Tevault –

”Secret Desires” in Yes Ma’am: Erotic Stories of Male Submission, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, published by Cleis Press http://www.cleispre page.php? book_id=233

”Femme Princess” in Lipstick on Her Collar, edited by Sacchi Green & Rakelle Valencia, published by Pretty Things Press com/Lipstick- Collar-Other- Tales-Lesbian/ dp/1576122980/ ref=sr_1_ 1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1228728697&sr=1-1

”Medusa’s Mistress” in Ultimate Lesbian Erotica 2008, edited by Nicole Foster, published by Alyson Books http://www.alysonbo 00429.html

”Houston Heatwave” in Tales of Travelrotica for Lesbians: Erotic Travel Adventures, volume 2, edited by Simone Thorne, published by Alyson Bookshttp://www.alysonbo 00146.html

Splish Splash Anniversary” in Best Date Ever: True Stories That Celebrate Lesbian Relationships, edited by Linda Alvarez, published by Alyson Bookshttp://www.alysonbo 00092.html

“Bronco Butches” in After Midnight: True Lesbian Erotic Confessions, edited by Chelsea James, published by Cleis Press http://www.cleispre page.php? book_id=172

”Make Love to Me” in Perfect Valentine, edited by Barbara Johnson & Therese Szymanski, published by Bella Books http://www.bellaboo merchant. mvc?Screen= PROD&Product_Code= b-bad-perval&Store_Code=bella&search=Perfect+ Valentine&offset=0&filter_cat=&PowerSearch_ Begin_Only=&sort=&range_low=&range_high=

”Summer’s Frisky Kitten” in Early Embraces III, edited by Lindsey Elder, published by Alyson Books http://www.alysonbo 37372.html

This is just a small list of the book published by IWG members. Keep an eye on our website for more updates, book releases and author appearances! 


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