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Founded in 2004 by Kate Chaplin, the Indy Writers’ Group is a supportive community of published and pre-published writers of all genres. IWG offers workshops, signings, and bi-monthly meetings for critique and support. IWG is a diverse group with strengths in various areas, such as self-publishing, e-publishing, small presses, freelance writing, technical writing, editing, etc. Within the network of in person events and online you’ll find a community of writers with various backgrounds and experiences that understand the pitfalls and success that plague writers today. Our group can be found Here on Yahoo Groups

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What Happens At the IWG Meetings....

WHAT HAPPENS AT THE IWG MEETINGS...Ms. Hollywood giggles because she's secretly trying not to share her story about a train, while the other authors share their sweat and tears formed into paragraphs with characters, plot, and themes.
-Ellen Tevault

Hmm... what happens at IWG meetings; well first one visits with friends, old and new. Next if I am the one chosen, first I read my work and while  reading I recognize the many errors i've made and that my work is crap. Ah, but then Ellen says she loves my spunky lead character and the others pick portions they noted. and liked or that I could improve  and they give valueble suggestions for the improvements.Others read from there work and we try to help in whatever way we can. But mostly what happens at IWG meetings is a kind of rejuvination of the soul. One leaves eager to pluck away at the keyboard, tame those wayward villians on the screen, and finish the damn book.
-Eleanor Mason 


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